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Historic Preservation & Interior Design

Historic Preservation & Interior Design Services

We provide signature property assessments and resource coordination to fit your needs. We deliver quality service to ensure that every detail of your project is the best reflection of you. Whether preparing a period property to sell, completing a retro renovation or an adaptive reuse of an industrial building, your project will be well planned and executed.

Preliminary Consultation
During the initial consultation, we will discuss your style and goals for the project and identify the type of project you would like to complete.

We offer several planning and management packages.

1. The Palace of Versailles ~ Complete Planning/Management Package
We’ll be there for every step of the design, planning and preservation process, (including locating vendors and coordination of contractors, artisans, and specialty professionals) down to the last critical detail. This package is perfect for the property owners who want to sit back, relax and leave the details to us. For a detailed listing of services click here.

2. The Biltmore ~ Partial Planning/Management Package

If you know what you want but need assistance with execution, we’ll step in to give you peace of mind as you go through the process and approach your goal completion date. This package is perfect for the property owner who wants to be involved in the planning, or has even taken care of some of the details themselves.  For a comprehensive list of services click here.

3. The Waldorf ~ Close to the End of the Restoration Package
If you’ve already taken care of the details, this package is for you. Your budget, timeline, and design are established. You’ve even followed–up with the contractor and specialty professionals. We will step in to ensure that all goes as planned. For a detailed listing of services click here.

All Packages May Be Customized and Tailored to Meet the Specific Needs and Requirements of Property Owners.

À la Carte Services

Many of the services included in the packages above may be purchased à la carte, as well as the additional services below.

Face to Face or Telephone Consultations (30 or 60 minutes)

Multiple call or meeting packages may be arranged to help you throughout the process.)

Restoration Budget Review

On-site coordination during Furniture, Appliance and Flooring installations



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